“Who got off? Bobby! Trapped in the Bing like my name was Crosby/Gettin’ them Bills like Cosby” (RZA)

Be aware of a fact from the start: today you may consider to dress up with a mature flavor for the first time.

Rvca serves you on a silver plate a solution to put together a different outfit for that special occasion. Let’s not forget that not all The Maxiemillion readers are skaters that always dress in denim and a hoodie but even urban individuals or hypebeasts that may have this mature look for years now.

To each and every one of my readers I would love to suggest this Crosby Cardigan. Its color palette, the accurate jacquard craftsmanship, the fit, everything is winners material here. You have several ways to wear this cardigan, but the main two are: the mix and match type and the nerdy type.

The first is overcharged and includes a snapback and sneakers in vivid color. Better worn with an all over print t-shirt, the best result to make this piece shine in this way, is to make it look like you stole it from your big brother. The nerdy type may wear this with a shirt, better if buttoned up to the top, glasses, beard and a lot of hair product.

A rolled up expensive denim in this case is almost mandatory and printed socks that show are a must here. Rvca made good use once again of the knowledge of street style that comes from the interchange of styles that happens on daily basis from their ambassadors, being them street artists, skaters or surfers.

Another confirmation that this brand doesn’t lack in inspiration for a quality piece.

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