“And usin’ the money fo’ their new cribs/while brother Johnson just got kicked out where he lived” (Scarface)

Rvca is a special brand. If I have to tell you the truth it represents the flavor that I wish I had but I feel like I’m not cool enough for. After I think about it for a second I realize that maybe even if I’m not that cool, nobody will notice: I just have to believe in my cool factor a bit more. I know for sure what people like more from their collection: shirts. I told you last time that I reviewed their other shirt here, right? Not that the rest of their production is not worth of mentioning but their shirts have that special something that other brands are lacking in. Is it the colorful patterns or the revolutionary ideas? It all depends on the item but this Johnson shirt that Sally b is wearing has a discreet but unique taste. Give a look to the collar details: there is a camouflage lining that makes this shirt look special. And again, it’s not a random camouflage, it’s more of a delicate texture made for this shirt only. I really like the asymmetrical front pockets and the fact that the left one has a kind of flap that I see here for the first time. What more could you ask from a brand? Rvca has street credibility because of the massive movement composed by street artists, skaters, surfers and MMA fighters that belong to their advocates crew. Like this wasn’t enough you can also count on top designs and innovative ideas to make every Rvca piece unique. The balance of the opposites looks good on their triple beam.

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