“Mondays is paisley, wednesday is vaguely arguile/Saturdays, fit with the charming smile” (Afu-Ra)

Welcome back Rvca. I missed you a bit. I’m no stranger to this brand but for a while I didn’t have the chance to feature their pieces on The Maxiemillion. It is with much pleasure that I introduce you to this Small Paisley shirt.

I am so happy about the massive return of this pattern that you won’t believe it. I think I bought the first shirt of this kind around 30 years ago. Paisley shirts were a must when all you listened was Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes, The Cure and Simple Minds. That was exactly my case.

In a modern retro move, to look new you have to dress with an updated old style. This may be summed very clearly in their claim: the balance of opposites. Rvca is far from uninspired streetwear and its worldwide success is built on a solid bridge among skate, art, music and of course surf. If this is ever possible, Rvca is creating a relaxed elegance, a sort of nonchalance paired to a street smart attitude, adding a sprinkle of fun. This piece is just one out of their amazing range of shirts.

Here a cool idea makes it unique: instead of doubling the hem in a classic way, they sew it upside down and made the same for the top part of the pocket. A brilliant result for the mens shirt that Elisa G is wearing today. This is just the first piece of a special selection made for The Maxiemillion at the headquarters of Rvca Europe.

Keep following because I will show you in the near future what this brand is capable of.

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