Saint Vacant x Makia ● Low Top

May I sum this post in one word? Clean. Too much noise, too many colors, too many insiders, too many outsiders, too much hype and last but not least not too much substance. Evidently all these points above sounded loud and clear in Joni Malmi head, so in the harsh Finnish climate he had enough inspiration to found a clothing company whose target were not the brats that seem to populate skate shops, but grown ups. Mature men and women that know what they want and finally they know where to get it. Time flies when you are a wild rider of boards. You start as a joke but passion grows and years pass by quickly since you’re having fun. This is the time of your life, but soon you get to know a girl that is really special, a baby comes out in no time, the communication studio you founded is successful and you start to notice that when you go to your skate snow shop, kids are intimidated by your grown up aura. You want your roots still represented in how you dress, but what they offer is nothing but overloaded gear? Look no further. Makia is the answer. Born out of necessity, this Finnish company that is the talk of the town or better yet of the (old) continent, recently opened their West coast showroom in the States. The style of this brand is smooth, it expresses fun, individuality and experience at the same time. Back to Finland, Makia thought that beside clothing, in order to have a wider range of product, it would have been sweet to also have shoes. One way for them to include kicks would have been to get together with a leader in his own field, hence they joined forces with Saint Vacant. A manufacturer of fine men shoes, high quality materials and care for the little things are what this brand defines as key points. Same for Makia, so in a natural evolution of things, these neighbours decided to create these gems above. Ladies and gents, let’s give a special shout out to Makia & St. Vacant Low Top. Never seen those around? Your shop should get in contact with Fresco Distribution, then. Service is friendly and products kick ass, you don’t need to be a grown up to understand this.

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