Salad Days ● 10 Yrs hoodie

You know I always go back every now and then to Salad Days merchandising and this time I have one more reason: I have to push the best I can the latest issue. Salad Days Magazine #42 is out and I had two pieces inside: Zoo York Italian Tour and Pete Thompson Interview. The first is a quick visit lasted a weekend of two skaters from Germany, the second is an interview about the upcoming book “’93 Til” from a senior professional skate photographer. It’s all about the culture, you already know, and this free press magazine connects different scenes such as punk, tattoo, skate, snow and… writing.

It is on the latter that we are about to focus, considering that I am here to tell you about this hoodie and writing is the topic here. Called 10 Yrs hoodie, this is a rare piece that has been printed in a really small run. There is talk of 20 pieces but who knows how many are left…

Do you think I am too vague? But this is Salad Days universe where are no absolute truths and nothing is certain beside death, so just live in the moment and keep reading.

There is another certain thing, now that I think of: this hoodie has an original graphic by a great artist that made calligraphy one of its medium of expression. Straight outta the rap crew called Enmicasa, we have Gep Caserta holdin’ it down for calligraphy lovers. All types of writing are welcome on the magazine, especially if an heavyweight like Gep is involved. Our friend created this street mandala with Parallel pen and Indian Ink.

Once again we are in front of something beautiful, that we may or may not fully understand, that warms our souls with a lighthearted approach and a flawless execution. You can easily read “salad days magazine” and “10 years” but it you look at it closely there is even Gep signature there.

If you fell in love with this item just like I did try writing at the “contact page” of Salad Days Big Cartel and see if there is something left of your size

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