Salad Days ● California Crewneck

You shall know Salad Days Magazine by now. It may be your last visit to the skateshop that keeps them on display for you to grab for free (yes: no dinero) or by my reviews but this mag is always lit.

Do you know any other magazine that covers hip hop and punk, tattoos and graffiti, skate and bmx? Our friends do. I think I told you already in Dickies x Salad Days x Sayko coach jacket review so this time allow me to focus on the beauty of this merchandising item.

It really hit me unexpectedly when I first saw this crewneck. Such an essential retro design that could be both a wave to surf just like a vinyl record. This is the kind of style that I’m feeling these days: old school with a distinct 90s flavor.

I’m saying so because, even if the same design is available on a tee, the crewneck here worn by Sally B has a special flavor. Its raglan cut of the sleeves and its loose fit are extremely current to my eyes. It’s enough to give an inspection to the label on the neck to discover how it went.

It’s a Russel Athletics blank. In case you aren’t familiar the brand, it was a sportswear classic during the golden age of hip hop, the type of brand that provided you quality apparel without over pricing it. This crewneck has been screen printed front and back, very fresh move gotta say.

Search no longer: in case you belong to a clique that indulges in the above mentioned fields of passion, cop this item for you. The thing is that buying this California Crewneck online through Salad Days Magazine Big Cartel you support real people like me and you that live for their passions and not a corporate sporting goods company. Got the message?
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Photos courtesy of Michele Marossi photo

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