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I told you more than once, every time I reviewed its merchandising to be exact: I have nothing but love for Salad Days Magazine. I know how this thing works to its last bit: editor and jack of all trades Rigablood loves to create merchandising items. There is more excitement to envision it and deciding every little detail of it rather than selling it.

That’s why I am here promoting this Crew Love t-shirt: I want Rigablood to become filthy rich with the sales of his merchandising. I want him to turn down his punk ethic, up to the point to become one of those capitalists that D.R.I. warned you about. But I hardly doubt that I can succeed, considering how the average teenager is caught up by evil trap music frontmen and wannabe streetwear brands passing the wrong messages (I am feeling very Shepard Fairey at this point, if you allow me to say so).

How positive is the message spread out by this t-shirt?! Focus on “crew” and “love” and tell me if these words don’t deserve your attention?! Crew is about unity, getting to a result together, recognizing that no one is an absolute champ and can’t succeed without the help of the others, happy to share the positive collective result.

And then love. Love is the answer once again. Without love you are just a depressed, unfocused, wandering individual. Love your family, real or extended, love your main passions but be positive doing so, just like the N.Y.H.C. straight edge bands that Rigablood is into. I am more into trap these days. I love this Italian trap artist called Ketama 126, that released an interview in the latest Salad Days issue. Wait, wasn’t trap bad?! No, I was just testing your level of attention. All music, regardless of genre, can be good or bad, don’t focus on divisions: create unity.

You can start doing so by joining the largest crew on Italy: Salad Days fans. Interact with its Instagram or Facebook and tell the skateshop owner that you buy boards from, to love Salad Days and distribute it (for free!) at its shop.

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