Salad Days Magazine ● Out Of Step t-shirt

There is a way to recognize if your street shop has solid values: in case it does, there must be a free copy of Salad Days Magazine waiting for you. I posted about Salad Days Magazine merchandising before and I will do it again: not only I freelance write for it whatever comes to my mind, according to my mood, but there is more.

The Out Of Step t-shirt here worn by Irene C gets helpful to explain it easily. Paying a tribute to a Minor Threat song and not to a Lil Pump joint rather than a Drake hook goes straight to the point: my editor Andrea Rigano was a punk. Wait, if punk is a state of mind and not a uniform I think he still is. The song is “Out Of Step (with the world)” where a young straight edge hardcore punk Ian MacKaye expresses its feeling about a world where he doesn’t belong. You could say it’s a poetic way to bring out the good ole “f___ the system” philosophy.

Andrea is a passionate photographer turned editor of what he calles friendly its supreme fanzine. It’s here that he blends action sports with hardcore punk and real rap, skateboarding with surf and bmx, graffiti writing and tattoos in a more or less coherent project. Purists may hate but who else brings you all this on paper every three months for zero dinero?

The DIY approach not only takes him to do a magazine but he also takes care of the merchandising, as I told you above and according to his resources and its inspiration of the moment you may have fleeces and headwear for you to show your love for Salad Days.

When you buy a Salad Days merchandising item is an act of love and not a contribution to making the pockets fatter of a big bad corporate giant. Feel free to send an email to and see if you can support the magazine copping this tee. No need to be a straight edge: me too I have one…
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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