Salad Days Magazine – Frisco t-shirt by LBSTR

I write posts on this blog six times per week. Not bad, huh?! Some of them need documentation and research while some others come easier to me. Take this Salad Days x Frisco t-shirt that Michela B is wearing, for example. It’s a t-shirt made by Salad Days (a magazine that I freelance write for) for Frisco (a sick skateshop in Brescia whose owners are mad cool) using blanks by LBSTR (my favorite Italian brand). I may go on like this: the picture is by Fede Tognoli (one of Frisco owners and also a friend of mine) and the skater pictured is Simone Odolini (one of the young homies I have in Brescia, down with skateboarding, partying, Wu Tang and all that good sh*t). Do you want me to go on? Nothing easier: the picture was the cover of Salad Days Magazine issue 23. Are you familiar with it? It is a bit like those bars in P.L.O. Style that went by “The street life is the only life I know/I live by the code style it’s mad P.L.O.”. You can bet that street life is the only life Salad Days knows, considering that it covers skateboarding, bmx, tattooists, graffiti artists, punk bands and hip hop cliques. That’s why Frisco wanted a collaboration with the magazine: the shop that has the most specialized range of items concerning street life is on the same exact wavelength of Salad Days. I truly suggest you to go and pay this shop a visit, you will be seriously stoked on it and if you can’t… there is always the website to fulfill your needs. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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