Salad Days Magazine – If The Kids womens hoodie by LBSTR

Who else could create a piece like this but Salad Days Magazine?! Let me tell you how it went, then. You all know by now those cats, right? Knee deep in a street world where everything matters if it’s underground and has the right attitude, the magazine that we are talking about covers from hardcore punk to real hip hop, to graff writing to skateboarding, from bmx riders to tattoo artists. Being from the same area of the LBSTR posse and sharing the same state of mind, it’s only right that talking about their projects they found an agreement on a merchandising idea. Take a punk joint like “If the kids are united” by Sham 69 and make it an inspiration for a graphic that pays homage to classic hardcore straight edge sporty style. Now screen print this on a very particular fleece, sprinkled with color dots that LBSTR presented in their latest collection and you are set. What you have is If The Kids hoodie, a piece that you want to see your girl wearing it. Yes, you heard right: it’s a women piece. Strictly for the ladies. That’s why it looks so nice on Veronica R. Be it for the clean graphics, for the cool style of the LBSTR hoodie that has the nicest cut or more simply for both these reasons you gotta love this item. If your girl wears an S or an M write an email to and cop this piece for her, homie. No better way to show her that you care about her street credibility. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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