Salad Days Magazine – SDM beanie

Cold weather is in full effect here. Believe me when I say that we even had a little snow yesterday here where I live. Time for a Salad Days beanie, no doubt! Are you familiar with this free press project? It’s one of the most genuine medias of Italian counterculture. Think of a family with different members under one roof: you have a bmxer son, his older brother is a skater, their sister is in love with aerosol art and mom and dad are music fans. Dad is a longtime hardcore punk and mum loves real hip hop. Isn’t this family fantastic? This is more or less the scenario that you have in front of you when you flip through the pages of this mag. The cool thing about the people behind Salad Days is that they love to have fun with their merchandising. If you browse through their website you can find tees but also caps and sunglasses. Designed by Dario Thunderbeard, a close friend of Salad Days crew (also guitarist for La Crisi), the SDM beanie brings back a graphic element that hardcore punks love since the good ole S.O.D. days: the X. Stinging like a killer bee in its black and yellow jacquard craftsmanship, this is your chance to tell the world that you are into revolutionary music and street activities where you can break ya neck. This beanie is the newborn of the family: it’s so fresh that you can’t even find it online. Write to to have this beanie and a free copy of the magazine. Tell them I sent you!

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