Scoop DeVille ● Scoopio t-shirt + Beanie

I may start telling you that these are a couple of merchandising items released by a Grammy Award nominee, beside producer for Kendrick Lamar multiplatinum hit “Poetic Justice” but I would totally miss the point. Scoop DeVille is a lot more than this: he is a pivotal figure of West Coast chicano culture.

I wrote about Scoop in one of my posts ten years ago when I posted about a tee by True Love False Idols (turned into Born x Raised later on), considering that he was part of the movement around the brand.

Being the son of the iconic MC called Kid Frost, even having a cameo in the video of his legendary hit “La Raza”, he has been around musicians his whole life. Scoop developed a sensibility about music that is unheard of, blending all his huge heritage into his work. If one day he feels like giving a go to a trap beat, the next day he may chop up a Bill Withers song, not to mention that he is the man on the mixing boards behind songs like Snoop Dogg “I wanna rock” with its samples of Rob Base and E-Z Rock “It takes two” and Nas “Made you look”.

Scoop simply lives inspired by love for music and nothing is too out of its reach to get a sonic restyling. Think about the underground clash of the Titans called “Calm down” where a lyrical fight among Busta Rhymes and Eminem goes beyond what one could expect, brilliantly sampling the House of Pain classic “Jump around”.

To my surprise I recently received at my headquarters a care package with Scoopio t-shirt and beanie that made me feel extremely happy and of course I had to share its content with you. This screen printed t-shirt is ready to say nice things about your taste in music or you can pick this long folded beanie to do the job, instead.

I don’t think there are still some of these items available but going on Scoop Deville Bandcamp profile, you may hit him clicking the “contact” link and you will never know, maybe there are still a tee and a beanie left up for grabs…

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