Scoop Deville ● Scoopio tee + Fold beanie

It is like a far away galaxy but these situations really exixt. I am talking about gangs. Not those red eyed young trappers that, happy about their little clique, keep on saying “gang” every two minutes.

I am talking about people that control crime from looting to drug dealing in Los Angeles whose organized groups are like a military force where there is discipline, sharing gifts and honors in the name of a cause. Staying loyal to your gang means protection. Basically it becomes something you are bonded to, like it was an actual family. Considering how devastated can be the life of such individuals in certain cases, the gang is even more important than the family itself.

Being the two main factions called Crips and Blood, you can recognize them by the colors they wear, to identify with the gang they belong to: Crips wear blue, Blood wear red. The total devotion to the gang leads to changes in the normal way you pronounce and write words too.

Bloods don’t feel it’s correct to show love to the letter C, always shown in gang signs by their opponents with a semi circle made with thumb and index. That is the reason why YG called his track Bompton instead of Compton or Crazy becomes Brazy but the Young G is actually talking about the place that give birth to the most dangerous group: NWA.

On subject of YG take note that his hit made with the almighty Drake called “Why you always hatin’?” is co-produced by the gifted Los Angeles son known as Scoop Deville. In case you aren’t familiar with this incredible artist read all about him in my other post about a Scoopio Beanie and t-shirt and you will.

Scoop knows every corner of Los Angeles and he will wear proud his red beanie wherever he goes, getting nothing but love for doing it. If you want to do the same while copping your girl an S size of this Scoopio tee feel free to contact Scoop on his Bandcamp, maybe he has some left. Just specify that you want a red beanie because The Maxiemillion inspired you…

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