“Scripts be ageless, like scrolls from dead sea/the cadence off and on like the motion of Tai Chi” (Bahamadia)

Once again back is the incredible collaboration among DVS and Cadence. Remember when we saw the Rico CT last season? That was waxed canvas but nowadays they updated the formula. The collaboration of DVS with the much renowned lifestyle cycling apparel company is here for your viewing pleasure. What a pity that you feel a little bit like Mc Hammer in this so you can’t touch this, but I assure you that the feeling of this leather is superior. Think your best leather jacket and there you are. Classy matt perforated leather for this pair of kicks that on and off your fixie make you look special. Simple as far as design go, the frills factor has been kept to a minimum, so what you have is a low profile real comfort basic sneaker that due to those holes stand out and make you look a street king. These Cadence 36/36 have a plain design and a thin, yet relatively stiff outsole. Beside that DVS tag and a Cadence logo on the back there is nothing on this design. Less is more once again? You bet. Part of the DVS cycling collection that recently saw them in a partnership with none else than Cinelli giant, we can’t do nothing but notice that even if this brand opened up its target even to non-skaters, the names involved are aways corresponding to the “no bullsh*t” theory that The Maxiemillion built his foundations on. Look good this summer with shorts on and your Cadence 36/36 (of course with no socks). Black for hardcore types but orange and turquoise are behind the corner for a preppier styles, ready to get some envy for those who can’t look this good. These should already be in your urban store, otherwise tell them to get in contact with Fresco Distribution and get these perforated goodies.

Ecco di ritorno la collaborazione tra DVS e Cadence. Ve la ricordate la Rico CT della scorsa stagione, vero? Era inverno e si parlava di tela cerata. Ora con questa Cadence 36/36 siamo su tutt’un altro livello. Pensate al vostro bel giubbotto di pelle e ci siete. La pelle opaca perforata di questa sneaker di DVS in collaborazione con Cadence, marchio leader di abbigliamento per lifestyle cycling, è qualcosa di superiore. La forma è molto semplice e low profile, i fronzoli sono ridotti al minimo e la suola è relativamente rigida rispetto al resto della scarpa che è priva di imbottitura. Eccole qui in nero hardcore ma sono disponibili anche in anche arancio e turchese, per chi se la sente. L’apice del basico quindi, con una sola etichetta DVS a lato ed una C di Cadence nella parte posteriore, per questo articolo molto particolare malgrado sia estremamente discreto. Non vi ci vedete già quest’estate in shorts, zero calze e Cadence 36/36 ai piedi? Io non vedo l’ora. Fresco Distribution ha già consegnato questo modello negli stores, quindi se non lo trovate, sapete a chi chiedere informazioni riguardo la disponibilità di queste chicche a pois tridimensionali.

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