“Sean P the General, so generally speakin’/I put ten in your body, your friends ‘ll be leakin'” (Sean P)

It’s no secret that this blog has a good relationship with New Era so when I heard that Sean Price booking to present his “Mic Tyson” show here in Italy was confirmed, I immediately connected the dots. Sean P is a certified New Era fan as you can see from this accurate interview by Strictly Fitteds. The Boot Camp Click mc is a fine cap connoisseur and since he said in such interview that sometimes he cops free products and sometimes he doesn’t, I figured out that his Italian visit had to fall in the former situation. What’s Sean P size? Twitter helped me, as Sean P gave me a short reply that said “8” to my question. People at New Era managed to deliver five 59fifty size 8 to my headquarters that I should have delivered to him in his Milan live show at Legend on February 24th. I swear it was snowing that evening when I left my place but I was determined to make it happen. My New Era Rucksack on my shoulders and there I am, ready to give away the goodies. Sean P forgot that he said to me that he wears that size on Twitter, he thought of a random fan asking random questions but there I am, in his backstage, in front of grandmaster PF Cuttin, his dj in this tour, delivering these fitted caps that you see in the first pic including of course his trademark cap, Pittsburgh P. A great show packing a full house is what followed my actions and I couldn’t be paid back in a better way. “Arigato, Sean Price slick like El Gato” now can work on five more slick outfits, one for each cap. Thanks to I Soliti Ignoti fam (support), Vincenzo Rinaldi (live show pics) and Muriel.it (photo editing).

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