Secse One x Salad Days Magazine ● Raglan Promo

I try to give all the coverage I can to Salad Days Magazine for several reasons. The independent free press project of Andrea Rigablood stays true to the game. This in other words could be “he puts street back into streetwear” if he was doing my job but… he just does what he does: a street culture magazine.

In any issue you can find interviews of key players of the scene, be it hardcore punk or real hip hop, skateboarding or graffiti, the one and only media on paper dealing with all these street matters is here. You just have to ask it to the shop where you go buy your skateboard shoes, so to say. If the owner has no clue just tell him to write an email to telling that he needs the magazine for his store.

What you can do to support this magazine and spread the love is to write to the above email asking for infos on this tee. What Beatrice S is wearing is a Raglan Promo with the logo of the mag on the front and Secse One graphics on the back. Once again we read: “Don’t forget the struggle, don’t forget the streets”. We saw that before, remember? It was on the back of that Dickies Torrance jacket.

Secse One is a Rigablood friend and this is another thing that I love about this mag: the merchandising is done in collaboration with actual friends. So it went with that tee with Soler, the above mentioned jacket with Sayko and now this.

Salad Days: a mag for friends (and friends of friends…)

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