“See ’em throw up wesside California/ni**a I’m hot as Phoenix Arizona” (Ice Cube)

A cocky attitude generates hate, that’s a fact. Hate is not necessarily a bad thing. If you act like you want and people hate on you, this means simply a thing: they actually envy you. Your swagger is so relevant that they can’t sleep on your style, but they got hit and since there are no other weapons, the only one left is hate. A self defense act, no more no less. How about to confuse people? They don’t know if they exactely understand what the logo on your tee shirt means, so they just keep wondering what to think of you. This is my favourite feeling, way better than hate. What can do this job better than a fake baseball team that revolves around the image of a cock but a funny, cartoonish one?! Cockfighting is illegal in AZ of course, but it wasn’t in 1998, hence the complex reference. Morning Breath is the studio behind this design and Upper Playground is the brand they did the job for. A good job as usual. I was almost stoked the other day to see that their designs even end up on snowboards by Ride. Here in Europe, our friends at Interjeans srl thought that this is a design suitable not only to end up on regular tees but also on Alternative Earth tees, a line from Alternative Apparel. This design above comes on a tee shirt that has a lovely goal in this world headed to self destruction: to recycle. Not a cotton tee, but a 50% polyester, 38% cotton and 12% rayon blend, make this item soft and pleasant to tactile emotions. Polyester comes from recycled products, the cotton is organic and rayon is made from natural polymers. See, The Maxiemillion is not only about fun and games but also about waking you up with possibilities to get some hate and treat the planet right at the same time. I know this makes you feel good.

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