“Seems like there’s no competition/in this rap world expedition” (Craig Mack)

Quality is made of details, details are what make some quality stuff special at times. So I thought in front of this Irie Daily jacket. This Dog Days Multicol jacket seems a modern version of the foundation of this brand. In case you didn’t know, Irie Daily has strong connections with Pow Pow movement from Koln, the n.1 ragga soundsystem in Europe. Ragga music is what made this Berlin brand famous and this here is a very pleasant way to bring back the green yellow and red flag. Some of you may be tired of all the turquoise and purple variations of the 2792 windbreakers around these days and want to get away with some gear that really has a distinct taste. Double H is eager to distribute this brand over the Italian soil and I gotta give it to them: this Berlin flavour is appealing to The Maxiemillion expectations. A woven plaid cotton fabric hoodie that serves you as a jacket, very colorful but toned down by grey accents. This is nothing short of excellent. Bring out your grey cap, your outfit when wearing this has no need of more vivid colours here. Silicone logos make up for a good clash when you see them on a plaid fabric, especially on this one here. Irie Daily guys seem to be positive and colourful, maybe it’s something they need after cold winters as those they have in Berlin. I saw their booth last time at BBB and I immediately fell in love with their Spike Lee knockoff logo: a drawing of the founder Jay Bo Monk rocking a visor flipped up with Berlin written on it, much like Brooklyn original version of Spike doing Mars on that Lola Darling movie (shall I write “doing that Nike commercial” instead?). I don’t see this kind of knockoffs as a bad thing, I just see them a way to show respect and to bring back memories for new generations. Last but not least it’s a way to show them where you come from. Your background talks for you. Exactely like The Maxiemillion does with the titles of each and every post here.

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