Sergio Tacchini ● Amiscora Tracktop Archivio

In my life I will remember this moment in history as the period where I had more track jackets. I am not bragging, I’m just stating the fact that never before this category of apparel had so much hype. Sportswear represents the starting point but the goal in our case is to create an outfit where streetwear and sportswear blend in harmony creating a contemporary urban outfit.

Sergio Tacchini is an authority when we talk track jackets if you consider that his brand wasn’t born in the 90s nor in the 80s but in 1966. That is why his S and T logo is so respected both on tennis court and among vintage aficionados but the brand is far from sleeping on its laurels.

Its most recent collaboration with Self Made just hit Paris Fashion week a few days ago but here we are about to get deep on another subject: Amiscora Tractop Archivio. The collection called Archivio as the name may suggests reissues iconic items with the knowledge in craftsmanship that a veteran brand like this may have after 50 plus years of activity.

Amiscora is a discreet track jacket that relies on thin lines of colors on a black background to enhance its essential design. A red line marks the shoulders while a royal blue small band marks the elbows. Do not forget that we talk about tennis, a sport where shoulders and elbows are very important.

The feature that stands out is the extra large zipper of the pockets: when you pull them two royal blue windows ready to give the ultimate contrast to the body of this item. We are talking about the elegance in sportswear that the whole world wants to see when Sergio Tacchini is the name under the spotlight holding the throne for so long.

Now it’s your turn: give a look to Archivio collection on the official website of this brand, you may end up stealing a couple of style secrets from the OG tennis king.
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