Sergio Tacchini ● Carson 016 Slim Pants

In this huge 90s throwback that is everywhere in street fashion, from the fit of your jackets to the silhouette of your sneakers, Sergio Tacchini is the brand that in that decade was synonymous with Italian sportswear in the world.

Its authenticity is rare considering that the brand moved its first steps at the end of the 60s. Sergio Tacchini was a professional tennis player and after a while he thought it was time to seize the opportunity that was profiling: to give his own twist to tennis world, dressing professionals and fans alike with a different flavor.

Clean and classy back then, extremely contemporary nowadays, Tacchini heritage is genuine and that’s why his success doesn’t fade. The cultural mix is at its apex nowadays and sportswear presence in streetwear is strong like never before, let alone that people is coming out of the “denim only” phase, giving room to joggers and tracksuits, beside chinos.

Carson 016 Slim pants is a trackpant that considering its essential style may be worn even outside of the gym. Its design has a few traits that bring out its identity but it’s very discreet. Its branding consists of a ST flocked logo close to the zipper of the left pocket.

On the other side you can find a green, white and red embroidery that state the home turf of the designer. Turn inside out the elastic band of the waist and there is a red fabric ready to give a strong contrast to this black pant.

In order to slip it on without pulling off your sneakers there is a zipper at the bottom that allows you to do so but the most interesting feature is the diamond ripstop fabric that is breathable, lightweight and resistant.

Let the stripes on the back of your right leg be the only traits that define your pants, there is no need for much more. Discover all the different ways to make your style current on Sergio Tacchini website, retro fresh is the way…
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