Sergio Tacchini ● Lewin Tracktop

Italian passion in sports, again? Oh yeah, again and again! You can’t front on the authenticity that Sergio Tacchini puts in what it does. This sportswear brand has a long history that goes back to 1966: Sergio Tacchini was a tennis player wearing the Italian team uniform at the Davis Cup for six years. Then something gets to his mind and he starts to think that he could get involved in his second career: sportswear designer.

The first athlete that he wants to endorse his apparel is the tight friend John MC Enroe. Sergio has a vision: he needs color to be part of tennis uniforms, enough with all white outfits. He tells the young tennis player to believe in his words and the rest would follow and so it went. With the attention on tennis players that was so strong in that decade, Sergio puts the foundation of his empire that had the pleasure through the years to have among its ambassadors names by the likes of Pete Sampras, Ayrton Senna and Marc Girardelli.

What we are checking out from its latest collection is the Lewin Tracktop. Ready to blend in your urban outfits like it happens with the majority of sportswear items, I strongly encourage you to not consider this an item related to sports only.

As you can see from these pictures of Serenella M the designer of this tracktop has thought of music lovers: you have a loop on top where you man make pass the cord of your earplugs and a hole close to the pocket for said cord.

Made of a combination of cotton and technical sail cloth, this black and grey garment is ready to blend easily in your wardrobe regardless of your style.

With a subtle yet defined branding consisting of a woven label on the back and two thermoglued laser cut logos, it’s safe to say that our champ turned designer Sergio worked hard to deliver us a top product. Now it’s our turn to make it look good…
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