Silverstar ● Mike York on the team

Obviously an individual whose name is Mike York won’t choose the Leeds direction. Gone are the days where Mike would wear Zoo York denims to laugh with his homies. These days Yorkatron The Don, as he was calling himself on his Myspace page, landed a dope trick: a sponsorship with Silverstar. I told you about this on my Bread & Butter report already, I know. So you wanna know what the deal is? Simple as that, them people at Tackyworld smelled the aroma of what was going down and felt like biting a slice of the pie themselves. Next thing you know today Sigurd Tvete agreed to pass the info in a very pleasant way: a quick interview signed by myself, filled with good photographic material, courtesy of mr. Carl C. This post on my blog is similar to the scam of printing the Skinema book, with porn reviews that were on Vice already. Thank you Chris Nieratko, I owe you one!

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