Six more months for six more pockets.

Denims. May my readers hold their hands up if they’re picky about that blue fabric that covers their legs? It’s not in the price or the brand (rich man Evisu? N***a, please…), it’s in the details and in the drop. Did some almond eyed guy sprayed some bleach over your denims and he thinks that the job is done? Think again, please. Denims have to be washed in huge washing machines with stones of different diameters (depending on how much dark you want the wash) to give it a real used look. Not to mention other factors in craftmanship like hand finishing with mills, loops and print of the pockets. Peep closely in the leather label area if the denim doesn’t look like it’s been used and abused. The loops here can easily deal with shoe laces and belts, as your soul prefers. The print on those orange pockets is a smile inducing pattern. Walrus over orange as in SF Giants colours, being Upper Playground a San Francisco based company. I almost forgot: yessir, these are Upper Playground denims for next season. Don’t ask for it: they’re not available yet. I had them through Max P @ Interjeans. Not many of you have in their life the pleasure to own a denim that has being designed by the person that hands you the said item. This is what I call bonus value. Max also told me that the rivets will be different, these are generic ones, but I think that the result of this Estevan denim under The Maxiemillion inspection, is really up to the expectations. A great company needs great denim and the straight leg drop and the finishing of this jewel made in Europe, make me think that we’re in the right place at the right time. Not even, we’re advanced with the time. You have to wait six more months.

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