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The third and last post of the three days special on Sixpack France had to be a banger and here it is. How could I follow up Europa T-shirt and Trio Hood in a better way? While the market in general has more fun doing variations on fleece with less or more large hoods, working on different ways to place pockets on it and exploring innovative styles and fits, Sixpack explored the pullover route.

The reason for this is that “overflowing creativity of the designer that just can’t be stopped” that I told you about in yesterday’s post. Other brands create color block tees and fleeces? Sixpack applies the color block theory to a pullover. Not only the colors change from a block to another but also the type of knit.

The white part of this Belfast pullover is cable knit while the navy blue one is plain. There is more beside what meets the eye. We are talking about a Merino Wool blend jumper made in Italy. Now, tell me if this isn’t a further confirmation about the fact that Sixpack’s own Lionel Vivier loves to “design items that stand out, that he truly loves, not in order to run after numbers and mass sales”.

This is what I call daring: believing in a quality item with superior craftsmanship (while still keeping its price reasonable). Avoiding the easy way to run a brand while deeply believing in every item that is part of its collection. Following trends don’t take you very far: it’s a matter of leading.

I showed you how this brand is eclectic during my three days special but this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is more on Sixpack website than these pieces here modeled by Elena S. Every piece has some hidden content, some unique inspiration. Get involved and be unique, Sixpack is on your side.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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