Sixpack France ● Europa t-shirt

It’s a matter of where you belong. Once you start to realize that you dreamt of the US your whole life and then you start to see US websites writing with pride “made in Italy” on some of their items, you start to understand. All Americans are crazy about Ferraris and champagne so there must be something here in the old continent that is intriguing them. Not by accident even Jay Z was rapping in that joint La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again) “When they see him, whips be European/If you’re a 10 chances you’re with him”.

Sixpack France doesn’t dream in vain: it goes straight to the point. The French brand that made a name for itself through essential yet entertaining designs where there is always a hidden meaning, is back on The Maxiemillion. We left it last summer when we made a three days special on Godhead Shirt, UG Shirt and Monet Bomber ending up with a “Making of” video.

You don’t change a winning horse so why not to repeat this operation (minus the video)? We start our Sixpack update with this Europa t-shirt, made in collaboration with Studio Jimbo and Les Garçons Sauvages. It is a subject that makes a subtle reference to cinematography from its very debut to current era. At the very beginning you had film passing through the rolls of projectors and this is what that design around the two Os stands for. In current era you have mapping artists projecting images in motion over buildings creating surreal scenarios, just like the same design of a face in several different colors. This is what fascinates the people behind Sixpack, if you give a look to the clips that surfaced promoting the latest Sixpack collection.

Europa t-shirt here worn by Elena S is very thin and its made in Italy digital print is far from average, setting Sixpack bar of production high once again.

Check back tomorrow because we have another Sixpack gem. Hint: peep the banner here above.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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