Sixpack France ● Monet Bomber

Welcome back for the third and last installment of this 3 days special about Sixpack France. After we feasted our eyes with progressive items such as Godhead shirt and UG shirt, it’s time for a happy ending.

If you are looking for average jackets this is not the place because here we talk about concepts applied to clothing. I hope that the warm up that we did yesterday and the day before would put you in the right perspective to feel this.

Are you familiar with Claude Monet, the main artist of Impressionism? His most famous painting is “Impression, soleil levant” that basically are the words that you see printed on this Monet Bomber.

Lionel Vivier, Sixpack CEO and artistic director worked in a tight connection with the design studio My Name Is in order to develop a jacket that could represent his artistic vision properly. Lionel is French but lived in Veneto for four years. With the design of this item he wanted to create a bond among Italy and France bringing in another artist: Franco Grignani.

The Italian painter and industrial designer in his artistic researches flirted with Second Futurism, then Geometric Abstractionism and Constructivism and the way that you see words printed on this terry cloth jacket is a tribute to his art, with all the love that a French guy may have for the land that he called home for such a long period.

This item worn here by Dario P is made in Italy just like the two other shirts that we saw. For a video recap of all these three posts, check the “making of” clip on The Maxiemillion YouTube channel. You will have an “Impression, superior apparel”, I’m telling you…

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