Sixpack France ● Trio hood

Considering how tight is my relationship with Sixpack France CEO Lionel Vivier I can tell you without a doubt that he must have listened to that joint by De La Soul “The Magic Number” to no end since 1989. Why do I say so? How on this earth could somebody envision such a hoodie?!

The song is about the number three considering that the above mentioned posse is formed by Posdnous, Trugoy and Maseo. Three different flavors that together form a unit whose music is respected worldwide for its unique taste. Three pioneers that came into the game with a sole goal: to create the next level, to bring to life something that was never done before.

Lionel works with true passion in order to design items that stand out, that he truly loves, not in order to run after numbers and mass sales. This is how his brand survived through the dangerous ups and downs of the industry: once you drop quality items people will take note and recognize it.

This Trio hoodie is what you want to wear when your cap says a lot by itself so you don’t need another message on your chest but still you want something special, just like you. Three different climbers inspired cord laces are there for you, standing out on a basic navy hoodie. You can twist them, intertwine them or just put your fingers in them like Elena S is doing in these pictures.

The 100% cotton fleece is not too thick and the hoodie is quite wider than an average item of this kind. There is no branding but an oversized woven label with black front and white back that in this case serve as an outlet for the overflowing creativity of the designer that just can’t be stopped.

If yesterday I showed you Europa t-shirt and today this, can you imagine how visionary must be tomorrow’s item?! Sixpack three days special continues so De La must be right: three is magic for real.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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