Sixpack France ● UG Coach Jacket

It’s always a matter of concept at Sixpack France, never a matter of apparel. When you design a jacket after a psychedelic movie of 1973 like it happened with that Lucifer Jacket, it’s evident: clothing is just the medium but here is the artistic vision that counts, together with the experience.


Let me get a little deeper: imagine if a brand X tells its young designer to create a logo for a coach jacket. He will flip through all the available fonts, he will pick one and will work a bit on it to make it original.


Now if Sixpack creates a logo for the same jacket, he will make sure that there is a cohesive bond with other items. In this case I’m talking about the UG Shirt that we saw not long ago.


UG stands for Unfunctional Generic and it’s a subliminal shot at the pharmaceutical industry. Now it could be enough to write it on the back of a coach jacket with a big logo? Not in this case, considering that the F of Sixpack France gets replaced with a cyrillic letter that sounds just alike but adds a mysterious element, almost revolutionary.


Even the made in Italy craftsmanship of this UG Coach jacket is not to be taken lightly. Its screen print is solid but it also has a different cut of the collar, compared to the others available these days. And that vertical cut of the internal pocket is so useful for your wallet or phone.



If you are quick to cop it online you may still find your size. Or switch to another Coach Jacket with more cyrillic Fs.

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