Sixpack France ● UG shirt

Here we are at the second installment of the 3 days special about Sixpack France that I started yesterday with the Godhead shirt. The French brand today lets us peep in detail this UG Shirt and once again culture and knowledge have their weight.

UG stands for Unfunctional Generic, like this was a shirt advertising a drug but even here the wicked concept is hidden behind the corner. Think about it: not only it’s generic, but it’s also… unfunctional. Is this a shot against the ever growing power of the pharmaceutical multinationals, making fun of them while stimulating your critical attitude? Yessir!

Reliable sources whispered in my ears that this item is inspired by Spiritualized album “Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space” and I only add here that good inspirations are always positive, biting is another thing (and this is not the case).

It’s like that for every single piece at Sixpack so even this shirt that Dario P is wearing could not escape the unwritten rule of this brand: hidden meaning gives strength and structure to every item.

This time the shirt that we are checking is a masterpiece of inserts that lets you perceive words and letters. Nothing is defined except for a few words on the front panel, making this shirt simply unique.

This popeline beauty is made in Italy, in the same labs in Veneto that are responsible for the production of the shirt that you saw yesterday. I will see you here tomorrow for the third post about this brand. Feel free to browse Sixpack website in the meantime: it won’t give you a headache, so no drugs are needed…
Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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