Sixpack France – Flavor + S1W t-shirts

It was October 28th 1988. After a never ending afternoon finally the evening comes and I get to see on stage for the first time Run DMC and Public Enemy. I wasn’t too much of a rap fan back then, I was more a skater catching up with street sounds, let’s put it like this. I didn’t know what to expect and when Public Enemy hits the stage it’s devastating. Chuck D tells us his anti-establishment tales, Flavor Flav plays silly in the front with his huge wall clock around the neck and in the back Security of the 1st World protect the posse in effect while it does its thing. No other hip hop group conquered my heart like PE did, with wise words and wicked beats that make you dance your revolution. It’s the same for Sixpack France: the blasting sound of the Long Island posse carved a niche in the heart of Lionel Vivier, Sixpack France CEO and founder. That’s why he couldn’t resist but drop these two mind blowing items. Flavor and S1W are the names of these tees that Giulia Z and Elisa C are wearing here. Printed front and back, these t-shirts are the wearable version of two iconic images of Public Enemy. Shot by French photographer Geoffroy De Boismenu, you can check his website for both Flavor and S1W prints. But first, you’d better check Sixpack website. Or better yet you should keep on checking it because I heard that in a short period of time it will be updated with juicy items that you’d better not miss: it’s a megablast! Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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