Sixpack France ● Lucifer jacket

Sixpack France has an untouchable reputation among European urban brands: independent, with a taste of its own and a strong penchant to excellence. One of its most notorious jackets just got reissued and I could not miss on the opportunity to cover it.

Lucifer jacket is… a hell of a concept. Lionel Vivier, Sixpack CEO and founder, was studying cinematography a couple of decades ago and among all the movies that impressed him there is this visionary short called “Lucifer Rising” by Kenneth Anger. Here the lost angel is seen as an historical mystic figure rather than a religious character and the movie takes you slowly through the passage that turned him into the king of his reign of evil. There are a few seconds during the movie where you can clearly see that he is wearing a Lucifer jacket very similar to this one worn here by Fabio C. This is how La Boca studio gave life back in 2010 to this immaculate piece.

Lionel is as visionary as the movie but his vision gives life to superior garments of renowned street elegance. This jacket is a made in Italy item, whose craftsmanship is care of the same labs that produce your favorite high end brands. The shiny polyester satin finished creates a nice contrast with the vivid embroidery perfectly executed. Check also how nice is the band on each sleeve. Basically this jacket is a blend of sartorial work with a strong shock value. To cop it I suggest you to be quick: it’s a very limited production and you don’t have to miss out on this. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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