Sixpack France ● Teen Spirit t-shirt

It was around 2009 when I first saw this piece by Sixpack. I think you may have it figured out by yourself but in case you don’t, let me tell you: I’m real picky when it comes to t-shirts. I have to think something like: “Here the designer was really inspired” or better yet: “Damn! How could he come up with something like this?!” and only the best ones make me smile in appreciation. This time the Teen Spirit t-shirt worn by Elena S belongs to the second case.

You all know what “Smells like teen spirit” is: a Nirvana joint. But only a few know the meaning. What’s a teen spirit? A cheap cologne that teens buy with their pocket money to impress girls. With such a name the band from Seattle wanted to evoke a mindset that consists of big dreams and little money. How sick it the contrast to pair this concept to a marijuana plant, whose smell is all but a teen spirit?!

Sixpack never went below the level of excellence that made a name for this brand all over Europe. From the concept by Cody Hudson to the kind of screen print, to the level of the t-shirt nothing is done randomly. Every detail counts, just like when we saw those Public Enemy t-shirts by Geoffroy De Boismenu last summer, remember?

This tee has never been took off the collection and it’s still up for grabs on Sixpack website. Why so, if freshness seems to be the goal of every brand? It’s a timeless piece just like “Smell like teen spirit” is a timeless… joint.

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