Sneaker Freak ● Playoff Tape Over The Head hoodie + Playoff Tape Quilt pant

You have seen Sneaker Freak before. There is a quite massive diffusion of this brand considering that it’s Foot Locker private label. What was once just a brand dropping t-shirts and fleeces with sneakerhead designs, is going through its 2.0 phase with an interesting approach to cut and sew items.

Not only you can find from pocket tees to bomber jackets in its range but also tracksuits like this one that sparked my interest. Do you remember what you called a tracksuit 5 years ago? That item was just the starting point to create something new that could be up to date with progressive sportswear, something that could easily blend in an urban outfit. Isn’t urban style a combination of sportswear and streetwear elements?!

Playoff Tape Over The Head hoodie is the name of this mens piece, here worn by Amanda R with a Playoff Tape Quilt pant. The dimensions of the hoodie have been stretched and a branded tape has been stitched inside in the middle. The same tape that you find around the waist, on the right arm and on the pocket contributes to give a retro fresh style to this outfit, slightly reminiscing of some early Dapper Dan creations.

Beside its look, this tracksuit has a very useful feature: the zippers on the pockets. When you need to carry your iPod or your car keys you know where to put them, even if you are going for a jogging session. Like this wasn’t enough, these pants also have padded knees in a biker style, like the latest trends dictate. Don’t freak out: time to hit a FootLocker store!

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