SNRD Eyewear ● Prism Clear

Let’s start from the basics: may The Maxiemillion ask you to throw your hands up for SNRD Eyewear? This abbreviation stands for Second Round and the brand is hailing from Korea. Now you have the right to ask: “but how comes that the brand is not distributed in Italy yet and you are showing us a pair of their sunglasses? Tell us about the six degrees of separation…”

The answer is entertaining and dynamic: we are dealing with the eyewear sponsor of one of the illest European pro skaters. Ladies and gents welcome to Flo Marfaing world. The skate wizard resident at Macba, dropping tech gems on daily basis, around Christmas told me about his new sponsor. One thing lead to another so one night we met and he let me test a few frames. I picked this one that you can see here worn by Claudia M.

SNRD is down with the culture. Street culture that is. Check the Team page on its website and you will find from skateboarders to surfers, from DJs to B-Boys via FMX and aggressive inline. The strength of this brand, beside its originality in design, can be found in its excellent quality/price rate. We are very far from that area but it seems that Korea has a city called Daegu (also known as the City of Glasses) with a Design Center where most Korean sunglasses are checked and examined. Well, Daegu gives full support to SNRD and so do I.

These Prism Clear sunglasses have a flexible frame that just wraps around your head letting you free to do whatever physical activity you want without losing them. Their lenses are mirror coated and have a UV400 protection but beside technical features an emotional aspect told me to pick these ones: they make you look like the lost member of Run DMC.

Give a look to SNRD website and you will be surprised by how sharp is its range. You’ll be illin’
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