Souljah Griptape ● Skate Griptape

Once you enter a skate shop to get your first deck, the shop assistant after you decided what you want to buy will put something on your skateboard similar to sandpaper. This self adhesive tape that is made specifically for skateboarding to let your feet stay where you want is called grip tape. Think about a “non slip” tool if this makes the concept easier to understand.

Once you get used to the act of skateboarding to a point that you consider yourself a skater, you start to ask questions to the shop assistant like: “What grip tape do you have? May you please give it to me? I’m gonna put it on myself”. Grip tapes have had a long story, parallel to the evolution of skate decks. At the beginning you put on your skateboard two big pieces of grip tape and nothing in the middle but even stripes of grip were ok. You could decorate yours with markers and let the Picasso in you execute a masterpiece. Then we had clear grip tape, colored griptape followed by graphic griptape, a trend that survived to this very day.

What we have here is a no gimmick item. This is the real deal: a grip that is functional to the act of performing stunts on a skateboard. Open your ears. A sick grip grip gotta be: a) black b) light c) all over your board d) functional to keep your feet where you want. A plus is to be perforated to avoid those bubbles that may appear on your skate if you aren’t skilled enough to stick it on properly. Souljah Griptape is all that. I don’t expect anything below professional standards from a veteran of the last tech generation such as Flo Marfaing. The Lordz wheels graduate that skated for Seek, then for Santa Cruz is still skating on regular basis in the ranks of the Vans Euro pro team and his latest gig is his own grip tape brand. Souljah Griptape is a five star product as you can see from the graphics of its logo.

What you can’t see here is how it actually works but no problem: I made magic happen. I called Flow S from All In shop team and Gio R to film and edit a little clip. This little test is now on YouTube for you to watch, if you click here. This stuff works for real, ain’t no magic involved. Support Flo, put your hard earned money where real skateboarding is.

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