“So, you Professor Finkle, the world’s greatest expert on electricity must devise the destruction of Starks’ mighty guardian, Ironman.” (GFK intro)

You know that we may find a common link among the last post (concerning a mixtape cd from an undergound dj) and this one (that is related to a skateboard deck)?! Enter the Pacific Wear, St. Germain en Laye, Paris area. A crew of individuals forming like Voltron. Ben is the veteran behind the counter. Veteran of sales, connections and most of all skateboarding. Fron NY to ATL, from Milan to Barcellona, Ben done did it with his knowledge of all terrains His right arm is the loyal Shota, from Japan. A silent warrior, but don’t get fooled: he’s got mad secret techniques with his skate deck. A fine connaisseur of videos, garments, decks, kicks and music, he lives in his magic skate world. The last skill he developed is video editing and he actually made my jaw drop on his last production.
Of course they have a team consisting of several elements with different skills and styles. Thierry Gormit aka Titi is the wonderboy that started skating so young that he developed a style of pushing that is nowadays ambidextrous. Titi is gifted but he has the mental to go with it. A truly blessed kid. Another skate black belt of the squad is Alexis Lamandin. He’s just so good that Euro skate deck co. Mob gave him a pro model. He’s recently landed a whole new wardrobe on the Ambiguous team and beside brands and trends he’s really consistent and as tech as it gets. The mastermind behind all the above names is Marc “Kemar” Berenger. He is everything to them: a coach, a boss and a padrino. Forget full Metal Jacket, Marc has more than 36 ways to get the best out of their riders/employees. I am a part time member of this family so what can I give them if not unconditional luv?! This is the shop deck that Alexis rides, when Mob is late sending him his boxes. What was the common link I was telling you about at the beginning? Pacific Wear is like J-Love on the wheels of steel: underground and killer. Who is he djing for? Ghostface Killah aka Iron Man. Go figure…

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