Sole power

The Maxiemillion is hitting the big leagues these days. After a couple of phone calls, Cristiano B @ Nike SB Italy was down to let me review these babies and, boy, what I have in my hands here is nothing short of delicious. Ladies and gents, I’m glad to introduce you the Zoom Air Veloce. Think of a sleek running shoe with ventilation holes, take off any air bubble in the heel, add a Zoom air foam heel pad, add an inner sole made with accurate craftmanship that actually protects your feet (double durometer, in the middle and at the ends). This SB product has a flexible sole that is grippy like it should and skate ready as soon as you wear it. Gone are the days of breaking in a skate shoe when you buy it, walking in it for a month and then skating it. The part that rubs against the grip seems solid AND grippy. So back to us, as far as the concept goes I’m totally down with this experiment that will be never selling as your colourful Dunks but has been tested with success from Altamont/Baker wonderboy Theotis Beasley. Need i say more? Leave Dunks to collector types and go shred your spots with these on your feet (but don’t get me wrong, Dunks are great for skateboarding…) . Purists and hardcore skaters may look at you weird at first, but once they saw the results of your feet trickery, I know that the question will be: “What kicks are those?!”. Resurrect your skateboarding like it’s Easter (well, it IS Easter…) and kick it. Yes you can!

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