Solero x Salad Days Magazine t-shirt

Get familiar with Andrea Rigablood. This dude has a passion bigger than yours. Living far from the so called “big cities” like Rome or Milan did not stop his desire to run a magazine that tells street tales to the whole Italian nation. Puff Daddy was always talking about “Bad Boy formula” but do you know what is Rigablood formula for Salad Days Magazine? It’s quite simple: if it’s raw and street related, my magazine has to feature it. Nothing is safe from the research of our hero: punk hardcore, real hip hop, bmx, skate, tattoos and of course writing are the main concerns of this free press magazine. Issue after issue Salad Days serves as a backbone for a genuine scene whose fuel is the need to know more about what they represent. Fighting ignorance seems the mission, in these days of easy-to-get skater looks and meaningless nerdism. What if, like this wasn’t enough, Rigablod would make some dumb nice tees with the cover of its mag? I know him, he takes pride in dropping here and there a few promotional items items like beanies or even a Dickies coach Jacket. How about that collabo tee with Frisco that we saw here last September? This time Salad Days teamed up with Solero, the writer with an illustrator background whose art is fascinating and eclectic. See our friend Giulia Z with the collabo tee in these pictures? Be like her and read Salad Days while wearing a Salad Days t-shirt. All you need to do is to send an email to telling Rigablood that The Maxiemillion sent you, like a Mafia thing… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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