The Maxiemillion ● Crest sticker

Time travels. You like when I make you trip like that, do you?! I already did it once, but the direction was the future. Remember my prophecy about GPS navigators and automatic cars? Wait, I once told you also how I got hooked on hip hop after I saw Public Enemy and Run DMC live and that happened in the past. Around the same time, let’s say a couple of years later, I got the chance to work at this skateshop called Crazy Papaia Team. I was the sh*t in town: writing for a skate mag called XXX skateboard magazine, skating decently, working at a skateshop and getting flow stuff here and there. Kids loved me. All the local crews came together at the shop to peep the videos, buy stuff and talk. I so love that era of my life: young, dumb and happy to live the life.
It happens that most of those kids got lost along the way. Some turned chefs and disappeared in their kitchen, some got into clubs and drugs and have their brain fried now, some became hairdressers, some are preppy fathers. But one of them is a relevant presence in my life. The one that got so much luv for that “golden age” to get me sitting close to him to see how his fast pc could download from Napster fresh hip hop joints that were impossible to find on vinyl and burn them on a cd. I couldn’t even use a pc at that time, let alone to own one. I just looked and memorized the moves of his fingers and now, thanks to him, I can define myself a basic user. I am now using my third pc and getting along with the technologic world enough to survive.
This friend’s name is Simone “Joz” Rovaris. He became bigger and better with technology so he opened his own studio in collaboration with a few associates, G-Spot design.
Why all the story? Because my digi guru, beside helping me to put together this blog as you see it, also designed this sticker that is now at its second run. You got it right, it came out in LA Dodgers colours first, and now in Lime&Violet. And you know that if it’s The Maxiemillion sticker, it has to be very limited…

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