“Some of y’all people might know me from my wallabies/pretty bit***s got my number, y’all can dial me” (Ghostface Killah)

It’s from that Iron Man album that to me wallabies have a special distinct flavor. Just seeing that garage where Rae, Ghost and Cappadonna gave crazy colors to those shoes, left me puzzled for a while but as I grew up I started to decipher what was behind that imagery and I couldn’t do nothing but fall in love with all this. Shoes in this shape that have countless versions from many brands. Since this is the third post concerning Hey Dude in a week and I’m human and not a robot, I let my feelings go and of course I consider these Wally beige what you can call an “icing on the cake”. Following these feelings I have no doubts about the ideal perfect outfit featuring these: sunglasses, plain white or grey tee, khaki shorts and these Wallys. All your “so fresh and so clean” outfits by the way are ready for these kicks but the keyword here is “plain”. These are summer ready material and what’s the best about it is that you can turn this item into your own. Give to it your personal vision concerning a fresh outfit. As you should have understood by now, Hey Dude shoes range is all about lightness and this is what their bmx rider Danny Josa says too. Light canvas, confortable padded striped interior and elastic laces (if you prefer, you also have normal laces in the box but I can assure you that the elastic lacing is tight) all together combined are a new dimension in walking. I am dropping you the reason here: I tried them on and I became a believer. All those features combined are not easy to decribe, but one you try these on you will remember my words. The Florence brand, that also has a wide offer of women shoes is an outstanding way to show people your individuality. Does all this talking about Italy (and Tuscany in particular) push you to finally get that plane ticket and finally witnessing this firsthand?

Non ditemi che siete lettori di The Maxiemillion e non conoscete l’album Iron Man?! Ghostface, Raekwon e Cappadonna erano al top dell’hip hop game all’epoca grazie ad una copertina raffigurante loro che tingevano delle wallabies. Da lì il mio amore per le scarpe con quella forma non si è mai esaurito e quando ho visto che le proponeva anche Hey Dude shoes non mi sembrava vero. Eccovi le Wallys beige. Una versione estiva, leggera sia nel tessuto in canvas che nella suola, interno imbottito rivestito in un tessuto a righine, lacci elastici (ma ci sono anche quelli normali), questa è la calzatura per tutti gli outfit estivi di quando fa veramente caldo. Semplici ma non per questo meno belle, le Wallys hanno un gusto maturo ma fondamentalmente sempreverde che puoi reinterpretare e rendere tuo. Che stile questi fiorentini di Hey Dude shoes!

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