“Sometimes I look up at the stars and analyze the sky/And ask myself was I meant to be here… why? ” (Ghostface Killah)

Time flies faster than Delta airlines. My second post on the blog you’re reading now goes back to Christmas day 2008 and was about Ghostface Killah greatest hits & dvd “Ghost Deini the great”. A few words, a picture of the cd cover made with my cellphone and a hidden 100 dollar bill. Looks funny to me. It’s like looking back at when your son moved the first steps and now he can skateboard on any terrain (I wish, but… I have no son!). I love Ghostface because he’s real. That may seem a paradox at first, but he’s the only one that can be a complex hip hop lyricist with an unmatchable level and a soulful singer full of love for the ladies. I’ve thought of it so many times. While others struggle to get an acceptable level at one field or the other, he’s a natural at both. Think about joints like “All that I got is you”, “Camay”, “Cherchez LaGhost” up to the most recent “Back like that”. Even the great James Brown would think that Ghost has got soul! So once we thought we have seen it all with his MSTRKRFT collabo “Word up” that will get you crazy on any electro dancefloor, the Wally champ has another sword he is about to swing. What a surprise to see that his next project is an album heavily influenced by his r’n’b side: Ghostdeini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City. You may have heard already his new single “Baby” feat. Raheem DeVaughn that has already a video in the works that should be out by the time you read this. People at DrJay had a video interview with him that is really refreshing and on point. All the truth and the struggle this artist still have to face to this day are there. Grab your favourite soda drink and enjoy, or better yet, as somebody said before “light your blunts and down your beer, ‘cos you can never front on Wu Tang killa bees”.
Pics courtesy of Massimiliano Mameli private archive of course..

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