Soone Denim ● Haki t-shirt

I can’t do nothing but miss the early Wu days. I was on the Alife website the other day and when I saw that ODB tribute jacket the time machine got me in. There I was, on Zurich lake at an unforgettable live concert outdoors, Ol’ Dirty Bastard with the support on stage from Buddah Monk from Brooklyn Zu collective. Damn, kid! I witnessed a legendary live act. It was 1995 and the Wu dynasty was heavy on those Shaolin metaphors, the new school of martial arts that came to wreck what was there already. This probably remained in other peoples hearts too, since this tee shirt is sayin’ nothing but Wu Tang to me. Killing with style is the goal of Soone denim and the above design reminds this once again, to those that got distracted by cheesy brands and mass image that may be confusing everybody but the purists. What we at The Maxiemillion (this means me) are inspecting today, courtesy of Double H distribution, is this Haki tee shirt with a classic design of a Samurai. No American brand of generic plain tees, printed in a silkscreening lab, but a very high quality tee shirt whose details of the neck are there for you to see. Yellow velvet band and an hologram as a guarantee of autenticity on your tag are a couple of details that clearly give you the picture of what is in my hands. The quality of the cotton is at its peak. Don’t forget that this stuff is designed in France and produced in China, under strict quality control. Love them or hate them, the Frenchies are flooded with every type of clothing on their home turf, so they’re really picky when it comes to their standards. How about the classic style of the drawing? No flashy colors but black, yellow and red in a position at the bottom left of the tee that makes me think that this Samurai must definately be new school and he’s wrecking it all!

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