Souljah Griptape ● Big Logo t-shirt

It was 1996 when U-God told you in Winter Wars “…And critical mic cords, hangin like umbilical/cords, dope swords, five star general”. He warned you that you would have met sooner or later some five star generals and the time is now.

Aren’t you confused from too much “skate fashion” getting pushed down your throat? Isn’t skateboarding the equivalent in sports of that Redman joint that said “Time for aksion? Rest assured: your faith saved you. In the name of true skateboarding and real street soldier discipline I’m glad to present you an item belonging to Souljah Griptape range.

The brand founded by Flo Marfaing is the real deal when it comes to fine tuning your deck, so why not to represent it on your t-shirt the grippiest, lightest and most durable griptape your deck can have? With a skate team spread all over the world devoted to technical street skating, there is no way you can deny the realness of Souljah Griptape. The Big Logo tee here worn by Ilaria B is a no frills item that does not miss anything to become your favorite tee to rip up the spot. All white, with the washing details printed on the inside, this screen printed item has even a woven label stitched on the hem with the almighty swords.

Cutting off fake players of the game is a lifetime mission for this brand and you can simply follow Souljah Instagram profile to see for yourself what I am talking about. Cop this piece online or better yet tell your shop to carry Souljah products: your skateboarding will thank you.

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