Souljah Griptape x Okapi Caps ● Souljah snapback

Souljah Griptape is the best around. Period. The black part on top of your skateboard gotta be light, grippy and possibly perforated for those that suffer from the bubble syndrome and aren’t skilled in the ancient art of gripping a board. Souljah Griptape is all this, as we saw in the clip that I produced to test this grip last year.

In order to push style limits too, beside pushing the hardware level, the mind behind Souljah Griptape, Flo Marfaing, thought that a unique cap would set his brand apart from the rest, and this is where Okapi comes into play. I told you already about Okapi, right? A couple of weeks ago we saw their sick Blaze Supply snapback and now we get to see another collaboration that really pushes the boundaries on creativity, showing us that when the concept is rad and there is accurate craftsmanship behind it, you can make crazy stuff turn into reality.

As you can see from the second picture, the upper part of the visor is made of a material that looks like a “disco ball” version of a griptape. Shiny & funny, to catch your eye and make you smile. The shape of this Souljah Griptape x Okapi snapback that Cristina B is wearing is the type that you love the most: short crown and squared visor. Look at those embroidered swords on the visor.

As sharp as the tech level of the team consisting of rippers like Bastien Salabanzi, Alex Carolino, Luy-Pa Sin, Thierry Gormit and Flo himself, these swords have a hidden message for you: protect ya neck. You’ve been warned.

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