“Soundcheck one-two hear me loud and clear/cause I got something that you need to hear” (Lost Boyz)

Finally something that makes the difference. In case you missed it, on The Maxiemillion logo there are a turntable and a cap. Being the cap in itself an icon for all urban heads, the turntable represents old school hip hop. Nothing gets you closer to the essence of music itself than a pair of headphones. This one was given to me from Fabio L at Industrial studio. Among all the brands that he represents, all available at Move shop, he recently added to the list these NTL Professional Stereo Headphones. Never Too Loud. Yeah, right. All the owners of these I’m sure they would crank loud jams of what is their sector of enjoyment in music. Me I tested it as follows. First I listened on You Tube to an absolute masterpiece that put the foundation for Nas career, “New York state of mind”. Not bad, but something wasn’t alright. Just the level of the sound was suspicious. I thought that this black and white wonder can do better. Nas song was posted at a low quality level, because the whole scenario changed when I heard “Monster” of Kanye West, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver and Nicky Minaj. These productions don’t excel in lyrical content but are heavy on the production side. My NTL classic was like an Audi in front of a highway: doing his thing as it should. Even the sound of Travis Barker drums of “Carry it” received the treatment it deserve in the fantastic sound environment that I created in complete isolation around my ears. Being as fresh as an ice cream in july, I thought that these devices to listen to music deserve something of the same temperature. How about BigFish & 2P latest mix? The latest hits from Uncle Sam land for all the crunk needs of your ears are all there. “The best of October” is now available for a free download and it has everything that this 147 grams of fun want you to hear. Don’t look any further, all the frequency responses that you look for when listening to your mp3s while on the bus or in the silence of your home at 5 am are now satisfied.

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