Spitfire ● Old E Embroidered Hoodie

Let me think of it… no, I think I never did a post about Spitfire. The skateboard wheels company whose t-shirt with the huge numero uno is worn by Guy Mariano in Video Days is a classic with a capital C. Its bighead logo is tattooed on hundreds (maybe thousands) of skaters all over the globe and this alone says a lot on how legendary this brand is.

Oh, we talking teams? Every skater that shreds is on Spitfire. The closest to my headquarters is Jacopo Carozzi whose part recently posted on Thrasher shows to fake players in the game how you should skate Milan Central Station.

Notorious for its “no bulls__t” attitude, such brand develops a clothing line to let the skaters of the team show their wheel sponsor with the utmost pride. In order to let me feel fast and furious just like a member of such team, RNG Distribution sent me a hoodie to let me touch and feel firsthand what Spitfire is all about as far as apparel goes.

Old E Embroidered hoodie is darker than the night. With its black on black old English embroidery on the chest and dark grey screen printing on sleeves you sure aren’t rolling around with a flavor of the month pastel tone. This is stuff that skaters wear after a day of shredding and a night of partying, waking up and repeating, therefore there is no time for cheesy matchings in such lifestyle.

This doesn’t mean that I can’t tell you how high is the quality of this men’s hoodie that I shot on Alessia M. Its 2D embroidery is discreet but perfectly executed with the font that never gets dated while the sleeves show your allegiance, just in case you love to wear vests like The Phelper.

The moral of the story is: don’t confuse the way you dress with skateboarding but… real streetwear can look dope too.
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