Sprayground ● Block Knit Pullover

In case you didn’t notice this season saw the resurgence of the knit pullover. When you are putting together an outfit, layering up, this is an option that is gaining momentum: just put in a stand by mode your fleece and throw a knitted item in the mix instead. Sprayground noticed and… reacted accordingly.

I told you when we first saw its Pitbulls hoodie a couple of months ago and the more the time passes, the more I’m convinced of it: this brand is shifting its captivating touch from its luggage to streetwear. After Sprayground conquered the hearts of hypebeasts all over the globe, that felt like they could relate to the progressive impact of its backpacks, it was time for founder David Ben-David to expand its range maintaining the same vibe.

Contemporary just like we all love it, Block Knit Pullover is relying on a much en vogue formula: a color block design whose central stripe has a large branding. Instead of the whole name of the brand on the chest, here designers opted to split it in two with Spray on the front and Ground on the back.

It’s hard to stay grounded, by the way, considering how fly is this pullover sent in by Renzo Cognini. Versatile as your life can be, it can basically become part of your options when you dress to impress. If you like the idea of playing a nice contrast game, anything could be easily paired to this item, from leggings to camo cargo pants and anything in between.

Giving a closer look, the jacquard craftsmanship of this wool blend is at an high standard, as it is easy to figure out if we check the collar construction. Inspecting the labels we can read that, not only “The Journey Begins” as the label on the back of the neck says, but we are dealing with a made in Italy item.

Sprayground is quickly becoming the talk of the town in any city so you would better look for the nearest shop carrying this brand distributed by Z&S. Time to show your crew how sharp your desire for freshness can be.

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