Sprayground ● Pitbulls hoodie

I kept hearing a buzz on the streets and nowadays I am happy to include a new player in The Maxiemillion game. Please give a warm welcome to Sprayground!

It’s a tale of a successful streetwear brand with a vision, bringing it all back to the original concept: fun. Before this section of apparel was popular, streetwear belonged to the rebels, the outcasts, those that saw things from a different perspective. This is why Sprayground founder David Ben-David wanted to put the word end to black uninspired backpacks that he kept on seeing in New York. He saw potential in an often neglected yet so crucial part of commuters outfits, envisioning a niche that offered plenty of possibilities.

That black backpack in 2010 became a huge “Hello My Name Is” three dimensional tag that captured the attention of the streets, considering its one of a kind visual impact. Right after the first design, in 2011 it was the turn of “Money Stacks” backpack, whose graphic design was stacks of dollar bills giving you the sensation of a clear backpack full of money.

Taking its path in the right way lead Sprayground to create more luggage items that blended elements of pop culture with urban luxury. Inspired and with the quality level to back up its production, this brand conquered independently its place in the cool shops of the globe whose proposal is fresh and contemporary. Recently, considering its success, Sprayground extended its range to apparel and Renzo Cognini made sure to send me a couple of items to spread the word. One of them is this Pitbulls hoodie.

Beside its detailed screen print, this hoodie shows attention to details with a delicate branding on rubber coated tips of the cord, rather than flat matte rivets. The absence of a kangaroo pocket on the front panel leaves room for an original positioning at the bottom of this aggressive canine squad.

Now you should reach the nearest store on Z&S program dealing in this brand and witness firsthand what I am talking about. Can’t leave your apartment because you have quite a few dogs to take care of? This is when Sprayground website becomes crucial…

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