“I’m here today to introduce the next phase/the next step in the big Bart craze” (Bart Simpson)

How much love do The Simpsons get all over the planet? That’s not easy to measure, let’s say enough to get one of the widest merchandising range ever. So there is more beside that Wood Fellas Hanging Bart that I showed you not long ago.

Squeeze Mobile, the phone case brand distributed by Boma Agency, wanted to be part of this cult so they decided to put out among their cases a capsule dedicated to the coolest dysfunctional family of the cartoon world.

Here comes The Simpsons iPhone 5 hardshell. Thin and glossy, this polycarbonate case in the hand of Marie P is representing the whole family here but there are more designs in stock. Squeeze mobile plays it safe and in a move that shows how they care about their customers, not only made this capsule for iPhone but also for Galaxy S3.

This case as you can see from the fourth picture is packed in a blister that keeps the shop owners happy. It’s easy to hang on a display and keeps dirty fingers off, thanks to the plastic that covers the actual case. There are a million of iPhone covers out there, why should you cop this one, you ask? It’s mad funny.

Don’t take your phone (and your life) too seriously, there is always the need to have a laugh. Take this case in mind especially if it clashes with your style: to confuse your opponent is the best way to win over him. Let them think you’re a grown up kid but act like a wise grandpa. Always.

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