SSUR – Wonder Wheel t-shirt by Frontline Apparel

Do you remember that back in July I told you that you would have seen items by SSUR here? Ok, you forgot, I knew it. I introduced you through SSUR Playing Cards to the sublime work ethic of this guy called Ruslan Karablin whose brand is gaining momentum in the fast world of streetwear. SSUR is doing good for a simple reason: there is definitely some genuine inspiration. Read: trendsetter. If you thought that the infamous logo “Comme Des Fuckdown” was the sign of a one hit wonder, think again. You can relate to this brand on multiple levels, considering that the subjects of Russ designs go from high fashion to punk logos. All this spark his artistic vision in order to recreate new meanings. One of the nicest campaigns is the Coney Island one. In case you forgot (for the second time in one post), Coney Island is where the movie The Warriors takes place. The permanent amusement park of this area becomes part of this collection with this Wonder Wheel t-shirt. I find the positioning of the design in the bottom left corner smart. Passion for details is not a thing for everybody, my dear reader. If you are not into this brand and you see this t-shirt in the streets, you don’t understand what it’s all about. These obscure subjects are my passion, so to speak. In order to carry this brand for your shop you need to get in touch with Frontline Apparel in the UK whose Italian agent is SRD Distribution. Don’t forget that I told you so.

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